Monday, September 14, 2015

Next Meeting - Declassify the 28 Pages

The Declassify the Truth 9/11 Anniversary Symposium was a rousing success. I counted around 200 people there. People still care about the truth about 9/11. Especially this year, when the headlines keep on mentioning the controversy around the 28 Pages, the material censored by Bush about who financed 9/11.

I am coming away from this weekend fired up. At the lunch, we had about 50 people upstairs organizing themselves by Congressional District.

We are GOING to pressurize Congress to release the 28 Pages! To pass HR14 is the will of "We, The People!"

In my circle, at our meeting of the 12th District, we had ten people to discuss how to reach out to our Congressional Rep, Carolyn Maloney.

We decided to meet again. We're meeting this Sunday, 9/20, at 7 PM, at the reasonably priced Ukranian East Village Restaurant. 

But I think, since this will be the first meeting, post-Symposium, I'm going to suggest that we should open up the meeting to all concerned citizens around the 28 pages, from all Congressional districts. Let's build it up, and we will seat people by Congressional District, again.

After all, there is a large back room at this restaurant, and if we have enough RSVPs we could reserve it. So RSVP back to me! And remember, we always bring one more person into the movement, with each meeting. 

Heck, can you bring TWO? We will make it exciting. We are going to change the world. The 9/11 cover-up is over. Politics as usual are OVER. People rejected Bush and Clinton this election season. We Rip up the old rules. We Release the 28 Pages. Can you see it?

Next Meeting:

Liberate the 28!
28 Pages Congressional Outreach Project.

Sunday, September 20, 2015
7 PM

Ukrainian East Village Restaurant 

    • 140 2nd AveNew York 10003
    • (Btwn 9th St & St Marks Pl)


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