Monday, December 17, 2012

Finally Sending Out SLINGSHOTS

I am up in the Catskills at the Library. Earlier, I picked up a huge case box of my book, Slingshot to the Juggernaut. I thought I would share the letter I wrote to my readers, who bought the book and have been waiting patiently for it:

Sander Hicks
PO Box 4
Livingston Manor, NY 12758


Thanks for ordering my book “Slingshot to the Juggernaut” several months ago when I was out on the road. I apologize in the delay in getting this book to you, but it’s enclosed now. The tour was spiritually very nourishing, but it’s taken me a bit of time to get back on my feet. I have been working in carpentry and construction. Finally I have the resources to send out back orders.
I thought I would take a minute and write a letter, too, to let you know what I have been up to, since speaking in your community.
This Fall, in between carpentry gigs, I spoke at the Free University and at the Mind-Body Institute, on the subject of activism, finance, and production. I am beginning to realize that I have something new to teach, based on my experiences, and it’s not just 9/11 Truth (or how to build loft beds).
Towards the end of Slingshot, I talk about “Occupy Business School” which was a set of ideas I spoke on at Occupy Wall Street, in NYC, in the Fall of 2011. I have been building on that and fleshing it out. In Jackson, WY, on tour this summer, a friend gave me a copy of a book on how to graphically express disruptive and innovative business models. I incorporated that and other feedback into my current presentation.
I currently call this project the “Free Business School” and I have the latest version of the presentation up on my blog

Here are a couple of inspiring excerpts:

Occupy Business School is a Do-It-Yourself method, a solution to the lack of jobs, and the deadly lack of good jobs we can believe in. For those who say this is a dangerous dalliance with capitalist methods, I would say, yes, maybe. But I prefer to think of it as "revolutionizing the revolution." Rather than engage in the mental fantasy of a revolution based on violence, let's face the facts. That kind of revolution requires continued violence to protect the revolution against counter-revolution. The grand passion of 1917 creates the KGB and Stalin. A more enlightened, almost Zen method would be to forsake the clingy, seizure of power, and create a different kind of life-sharing, community-centric empowerment outside the Marxist/Imperialist debate. 

Rather than think of money, capital, entrepreneurship as a wolf that needs to be tracked to its cave and beaten to death, the role of the social entrepreneur is to think of money as a fox. Our role is to lure the fox out of its hole. Money wants to be invested, and if we can over-come our many resentments against the world of money, we can give a place for investment capital in the changing of the world. In fact, this is a good time to re-examine our thoughts on the whole nature of money.

You see, this is not a capitalistic cave-in, it’s a new method of revolutionary social change . It’s an attempt to forge a radical hybrid between consciousness, compassion, peace/truth activism, AND the so called “enemy” that is the larger mechanics of finance. It’s in line with my work at Vox Pop, the fair-trade coffeehouse, and my earlier work as a radical publisher/entrepreneur. I am planning a tour of the NW and West Coast for late Spring, 2012. I am bringing good people with me, and we would also be interested in coming back to your town.

The full presentation is at but it will probably be easier for you to just Google “sander hicks free business school” (the blog post comes up fourth.)

As you will read in Slingshot, 11 years after 9/11, I remain committed to the truth about that event. The bloody paw prints of the Bush/Cheney/Clinton/Obama State Department, CIA, US and Israeli military/intelligence apparatus are all over the event and its aftermath, for those with the moral courage to see the evidence. As we see this past week with the Newtown, CT shootings, we are daily confronted by the existence of evil, an evil so vast that it outstrips the secular, dry, rational nature of post-modern America. We need a political and spiritual over-haul. So, Merry Christmas, for real. Let’s use this time of celebration, solstice and renewal to bring out the peace-loving Nature in us all, whether we express that as Christ-Nature, or Buddha-Nature, or Truth itself. That’s what’s radical about Slingshot, it’s about 9/11 Truth, and where it takes us, philosophically, and actively.

Will I see you again? In Spring, 2013, I will be hitting the road, but this time I won’t be alone. I will tour colleges and communities with Lo Nathamundi of the Kaleidoscope Community Yoga project, and hip hop MC Steve “Crazy Monk” Olson. It will be quite an event. Hope to see you there.
Happy Reading! Keep in Touch.

Sander Hicks
845 423 9094