Friday, June 29, 2012

Join me on Truth Jihad Radio! with Kevin Barrett - today at 3 PM CST, 3 PM EST.

Sander On Truth Jihad!!!!

Hi Folks! I am on the radio today - back again with the incendiary, passionate, fun, funny, and deadly serious Kevin Barrett!!!!

Truth Jihad Radio Fri. 6/29/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.)

Kevin is a big fan of my new book.....How's THIS for a bit of quotable praise:

Sander Hicks is a national treasure. He is a first-rate writer, investigative journalist, public speaker, organizer, and general all-around trouble-maker. And his deepening maturity and spirituality are adding more and more gravitas to his work all the time. Buy this book and spread it around.

Read the WHOLE post from Kevin, HERE:

OK, I can't resist.....Here's another MEATY quote:

The book weaves together Sander's experiences and reflections on the 9/11 truth movement with a wealth of 9/11-related information (much of it uncovered through Sander's own investigative journalism), making "an important transition from 9/11 analysis to a broader worldview, both political and spiritual." (p. 202)

The chapter on the anthrax attacks is the best short summary of the case in print, while Sander's investigative work on the FBI's apparent murder of 9/11 whistleblower Dr. David Graham is extremely compelling. Likewise, his discussion of attorney William Veale's experiences bringing April Gallop's lawsuit against Bush Administration officials for perpetrating the 9/11 attacks - and finding himself in the courtroom of Judge John Walker, Bush's cousin, who refused to recuse himself - is essential reading. All in all, it has an approachable style and presents a damning array of facts. This is a better book than my own Truth Jihad to offer the uninitiated. (Unless they have a weird sense of humor or are especially interested in Islam and Muslims, in which case Truth Jihad is perfect for them.)

Unlike most 9/11 books, this one offers a solution: The Truth Party. Feel free to join - I have!


Sander Hicks
Cell: 845 423 9094

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Letter from San Antonio Texas, from the middle of a HEAT WAVE!

Letter from San Antone

Hi Friends,

The Stoic Philosopher Marcus Aurelius wrote that the idea way to respond to any adversity is to say, "Ah ha! Good. This is exactly what I needed right now." So, we have been travelling through 104 degree heat in a Central Texas heat wave. Record-breaking heat. Hot winds out on the highway. A heat that seems criminal. And yet, it's exactly what I need right now. It's burning the toxins out of my system. I have been meditating every day. Communion with God is still possible.

On that note, here are some updates from me, about this national book tour.

I recently published an interview with fellow activist Alissa in Flagstaff, in anticipation of a gig there in Sundara Cafe on July 1 -

I put up info on new gigs in Portland, Seattle, Bloomington, Indiana, and other cities, here:

I even sold a batch of songs! Check out music at
I will play for you live if you come to a tour gig and ask. Thus far, though, most of the gigs have been speaking gigs.

OK, I am now going back out into the 105 degree heat wave to vibe with the waves of hot Texas air. I love it. I love touring. Texas has been great - big thanks to Chuck in San Antonion, Harlan in Austin, and Ken in Houston. BIG BIG THanks to Randall Mach who came out to the Smithville Texas state highway where we were broke down, and towed us in using a sailing rope and his Dodge Caravan.....we fixed the coil and were ready to rock.


Sander Hicks
Cell: 845 423 9094

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Flagstafftivism! How cool the multi faceted activist scene in Flagstaff in Arizona is. My interview with Alissa....

Two Activists, Two Questions

I am fired up about my July 1 evening book event/discussion with the activists in Flagstaff AZ. Just from a few phone calls and emails, I get the sense that the scene in Flag is intensely alive: Native American activism, AE911truth, Marx reading groups, Pine Pride marches, and a new boutique cafe called Sundara (which is hosting us all on July 1).  

Sundara is so snazzy - here is a picture of it!


 When I met organizer Alissa on the phone, she spoke of the recently deceased activist professor Joel Olson, and the Repeal Coalition.....and I thought the whole world should know about this stuff. So here is a quick interview- two questions for Alissa from me, and then vice versa, Alissa asks me a couple.

 Sander: So, tell me more about the Repeal Coalition?

Alissa: The Repeal Coalition is an organization committed to repealing over 60 anti-immigrant laws and bills that have been passed or considered by Arizona politicians in the last few years. This organization demands the repeal of all laws - federal, state, and local  - that degrade and discriminate against undocumented individuals and that deny US citizens their lawful rights. They demand that all US citizens - with papers or without - be guaranteed access to work, housing, healthcare, education, legal protection, and other public benefits, as well as the right to organize.  Their strategy is to build a grass roots organization that can repeal these laws, change the national debate on immigration, and expand the freedom of all people. The repeal coalition is dedicated to the idea that every one should have the right to live, love, and work wherever they choose. In my opinion, this is the type of issue that is directly related to the fall-out after 9/11, when the culture of xenophobia really exploded. For some reason (maybe our close location to the US/Mexico border) Arizona has jumped on the xenophobia band wagon with extreme zeal - we've struggled with SB1070, which has made national news and ignited heated debates throughout the country, our state, and even the world. Sheriff Joe Arpaio and others have led the way in enforcing these racist laws, and subsequently our state has been bitterly divided between those who support such heinous and hateful policies and those who think there has to be a better way to live together in harmony.

Sander: Who was Joel Olson?

Alissa: Dr. Joel Olson was a tenured professor at Northern Arizona Univerity and a beloved member of the Flagstaff community. He worked tirelessly with the Repeal Coalition most recently, and in his past was dedicated to such groups as Cop Watch - which he founded in Phoenix. He was a punk rocker in his younger years and a radical thinker his whole life. At NAU he was a member of the of the Political Science department and taught classes on Marx and Race Theory, among other topics. He was a great inspiration to his students and almost every one he met; his luminous personality, radical viewpoints, and benevolent intentions won the hearts of those who had the opportunity to hear him speak even once. His death was sudden, shocking, and devastating to his family and our community. At his public memorial the Repeal Coalition and other community members marched through downtown Flagstaff in his honor and came together to agree that the best way to honor Joel's memory is to continue the good work to which he was so selflessly devoted.

Alissa: Here are a couple for you. Ideally, what do you want to see happen, politically, in the US in the next decade?     

Sander: Ideally, a huge wave of common sense, a big paradigm shift, happens, in which we suddenly all have an "Ah Ha" moment as a society - we begin to realize that the wasteful expenditures of all our national treasure on war, on bailouts, on the culture of violence and secrecy are immoral, and flat out impractical. We may have to get there through a painful crisis, kind of like the one that we are in right at this very moment. We are soaking in it! But my message is that the pain and suffering can be cleansing, can be shattering, and out of the death, comes new life.  

Alissa: What is the most profound moment you've had in the context of 9/11 research and activism?      

Sander: Well, I am writing you from the Library in Shreveport, Louisiana, where in 2007 I confronted an FBI agent, Steve Hayes. He was literally vibrating with rage, barely suppressed. He had been involved in the meetings, suppression and eventual silencing of 9/11 martyr Dr. David Graham. At that moment, I realized just how desperate the US Federal War Machine was to cover up the truth about 9/11. They are desperate enough to kill patriots and peace makers who naturally stood up for decent simple virtures like honesty and truth.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Updated Tour Schedule: Final Stretch.

OK - here are the final two weeks or so of the tour.....
The Madison, Iowa, Bloomington, and Chicago gigs are detailed at the home page of the blog, here.

AUGUST1-AugWednesdayMadison, WIEvent with Kevin Barrett and withJim Fetzer
AUGUST2ThursdayChicago, ILProduced by Ben Strawbridge, More Info here.With: Bill Bergman

AUGUST4Saturday, 7 PMBloomingtonBoxcar Books
More info here, in eloquent form.
AUGUST7TuesdayWashington, DCBusboys and Poets! Big Event!
AUGUST8WedCharlottesville, VARandom Row Books
auGUST9ThursdayPhiladelphia, PAROBiN BOOKS

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Inspiring bits of prose from the book tour, + report @ NEW BRAKES ON VAN fund is at....Please Support.
Hey There! THANKS to the people who donated to the Get New Brakes on the Book Tour Van Fund....we have raised $80 thus far. We are on our way. People are donating directly via PayPal, but if you want to use a card, you can use this blog post with the ChipIn widget and it will go directly to me.

We had a great gig with activists from Georgia and Chattanooga, TN last night here in Atlanta. Onto Sarasota, FL today. Here are some inspiring things I got via email recently, hope you can be fired up by this and help donate any amount to this campaign.

This is something everyone should read, written by my friend James in Iowa:

What Does and Doesn’t Lead to Truth?
by James Hufferd, Ph.D.                                                                                                                        Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization
     In America’s creed (the commonly-acclaimed beliefs or preferences that distinguish us as Americans – in our own minds), there are five tenets. (See my e-book on entitled Troublesome Country. I know this sounds shameless, but read it! Read it! Much pertains to 911 Truth and will astound.)
     The five tenets of America’s creed are: 1) The people should control the government. (In practice, a sham: In practice, what the people want means nothing). 2) The government shouldn’t control the people. (The government/establishment-controlled media in fact controls the public’s thinking), 3) All people are created equal. (Laws prod and punish the poor and weak by design; the powerful are abetted, and in practice exempted, and subsidized), 4) Liberty and justice for all (i.e., due process, to be routinely and invariably applied for all crimes whatsoever), 5) National and personal independence (Our abundance ought to permit us all to provide well for ourselves). The fact is, if we would but practice and really insist upon these five tenets we all say we favor, everything would be much different. (And that’s why their promulgation was properly called a Revolution).
     Instead, the people control nothing. The government/establishment has us all practically in a death-hold. Ordinary people are ruled and controlled (in effect, practically herded), while the powerful walk unaccountable and uplifted. Criminal law is applied or not, depending on who did it. While foreign-controlled banks keep us buried in debt and very exorbitantly sell us our own currency, backed by nothing and costing us 100% of all that is collected in taxes, despite a clear but roundly-ignored Constitutional prohibition precisely forbidding that, because it was already being urged.

AND THIS is from a great lady who donated $50.00!

Hello Sander, I am reading your book and am blown away - & highly disturbed.. but anyway - wish I could do more but I'm a poor chick - one of those "I live pay check to pay check" peeps - after the bills are paid and gas is put in the car, there just isn't much left. Bless you & keep on keeping on!
Hope you can be fired up and donate any amount to this campaign.

Friday, June 15, 2012

A letter from the book tour. Can you help buy new brakes for the van? Please Repost!

Help Support Sander's Book Tour. Here's How.

Dear Friend.

I am writing you from a great little independent bookshop in Savannah, Georgia, on the Atlantic Coast. This place is called "The Book Lady," it's cozy with a leather couch, dark tones, tons of new and used books, and good people. In a couple hours, I will do a reading and discussion of my new book, Slingshot to the Juggernaut. 

In one month of touring, I have found many great indie bookstores, full of people receptive to my ideas about peace, freedom, and deep investigative probings into the 9/11 cover-up. People have ideas of their own and they are very similar.

I have been reaching people. I have crossed into Canada twice, done readings as far West as Detroit. Two million people heard me on Coast to Coast radio for three hours. We just got a nice review in a newspaper in Greensboro. I have also been to New England, the Mid-Atlantic, the South, and many places in between. Still to come is the rest of the USA: Texas, Taos, California, and beyond!

In order to get there, my van, the "Peace Tank" need new brakes. I have tried to save money from book sales, but hey, it's not happening. I need your help, so that the tour can continue, safely. I need your help so that the truth in my book can continue to be heard. Would you consider making a donation, of any amount, via ChipIn?

Thanks Very Much!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I am in Georgia this weekend....3 great cities...


Peace activist and author Sander Hicks in  Georgia for three dates this weekend:

Athens, Savannah and Atlanta - June 14, 15, and 16th....

As a part of the  “Slingshot to the Juggernaut” national book tour!

"Part memoir, part investigative primer, part political manifesto, Slingshot to the Juggernaut is a tremendous accomplishment. To think and write about 9/11 is to dwell in a dark place and, not surprisingly Sander has increasingly leaned on his spirituality as he’s undertaken this journey….
Slingshot to the Juggernaut details all of the other anomalies, accidental admissions, illogical constructs and glaring cover-ups in the official story. Using his passionate and personalized approach to journalism, Sander chronicles a series of confrontations with actors and gatekeepers, from Agent Hayes to Rudy Giuliani, Eliot Spitzer and Dick Cheney….
Sander also lays out a blueprint for an equitable and peaceful future for our nation.
I'm more convinced than ever that we must fearlessly and lovingly interrogate systems of power lest we forfeit the right to live in a democratic country."
-Jordan Green
YES! Weekly
Greensboro, NC
from the recent review here.

Thursday  June 14 in ATHENS, GA—6:30—8: 00 PM

Avid Bookstore

493 Prince Ave

JUNE 15 Friday Savannah THE BOOK LADY "wine and sign" event Savannah GA

6 E. Liberty St.SavannahGA.1 (912) 233-3628

Saturday , June 16th.

8 PM
Sander Hicks
with We Are Change, Atlanta

5 Seasons Westside

 1000 Marietta Street NW

 Atlanta, GA 30318

404 875 3232

Venue is a fun brewpub/restaurant--- please support the venue with food and drink purchases.

GREAT QUOTATIONS from Slingshot to the Juggernaut:

"If the U.S. government system can only go to war through an artificial event, then this leads to a startling conclusion: the days of war itself are numbered. If only a highly-charged emotive stimulus will get us to permit war, then that means war is naturally fake. The masters of war show us this themselves. They dig their own graves."
-Slingshot to the Juggernaut
from Chapter 19: “Revolution Means a Spiritual Solution to a Spiritual Problem”
"Visualize a new kind of country, one that is about empowering its citizens and the citizens of the world rather than intimidating them. Imagine the United States as a country best at figuring out how to meet the needs of all parties in a conflict. Instead of being number one at war, we become number one at fostering peace."
---From Opening Invocation to the Slingshot to the Juggernaut

Contact: Sander Hicks 845 423 9094