Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The tour has taken a very spiritual turn over these past 10 weeks. I did zen on top of a mountain in Colorado. I came down and found my friend Dan threatened by a rattlesnake. Together we took him out.

Both the meditation and the snake were moments of sincere clarity. This snake's head kept moving, his jaw clenching, his eye silently cursing me, like a monster dying slowly.

Aug 1 - Hicks in MADISON WI

Last time I was in Madison, the people took over the State Capitol - the first Occupation! What will happen next?

from Kevin Barrett's blog:

Sander Hicks in Madison Wednesday, August 1st, 8:30 p.m., The Weary Traveler, 1201 Williamson St.

"Sander will speak about the book, read it, sign it, answer questions, sing songs about it, listen to people share about their lives. At some gigs, where appropriate, he will lead a group meditation or visualization for world peace. Sander will also be traveling with an acoustic guitar, playing a few of his new indie punk/folk tunes."

Plus - anyone who arrives by 8:30 gets a FREE copy of Sander's earlier 9/11 truth masterpiece The Big Wedding (reviewed by Kevin Barrett at http://www.mujca.com/sanderhicksreview.htm )

Aug 2: Hicks and Bergman in Chicago

Bill Bergman was fired from the Fed when he wouldn't be silent about the spike in US currency outflows, right before 9/11. His insight and analysis further proves 9/11 was not a surprise, for those in the know:


Friday, July 27, 2012

Back in Iowa! July 31

What a nice email from one of the best national organizers of the 9/11 Truth Movement.....you can tell from his writing style, this guy has great spirit.

From: James Hufferd <911grassroots@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Jul 24, 2012 at 7:32 PM
Subject: 911 Truth visit by Sander Hicks
To: James Hufferd <911grassroots@gmail.com>

Hello Everyone!
Lots is happening in the 911 Truth movement, in terms of discussing the catastrophic events, what actually happened, what constitutes irrefutable evidence of inside involvement, and sharing that information with the public. One of our fellow Truthers who lives near Ground Zero and has been investigating 9/11 and spreading the word almost since Day 1 is Sander Hicks, an activist and author from NYC. Sander was here and talked with us, and informed a lot of us about a lot we didn't know, and made many friends,, back in February of 2011. He's going to pay us another visit and speak with us again next Tuesday, July 31, at 7:00 p.m. at Adel Public Library. I hope all of you will come, pack the place, to greet and learn from him again. This is a rare opportunity for us to connect with a knowledgeable spokesman of a segment of our community "near the action" So, please come and avail yourself and enjoy what promises to be a very special evening -- and bring a friend! If you have any questions, give me a call.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Aug 4: Sander at Boxcar Books

I thought this was an eloquent description of my life and work. And for once, I didn't even write it.. My new friends in Bloomington Indiana wrote this for the upcoming Aug 4 gig there....

The 9/11 Working Group is pleased to invite author and activist Sander Hicks to Boxcar Books, 408 East 6th Street, Bloomington, Indiana 47408, Saturday, August 4th from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm to discuss his latest book – Slingshot to the Juggernaut, Total Resistance to the Death Machine Means Complete Love of the Truth. 
The book covers a range of topics dealing with issues of peace, nonviolence, spiritualism, 9/11 truth, and the Occupy Movement.
Sander Hicks first achieved national prominence in 2000 with his publication of J. H. Hatfield’s book Fortunate Son. The book originally was to have been published by St. Martin’s Press. It was recalled by the publisher following pressure from Bush family operatives in the lead up to the 2000 presidential race. In Nazi-like fashion, 25,000 copies of the book were burned. Fortunately, for Fortunate Son, Sander Hicks’s newly formed publishing company, Soft Skull Press, rescued the book from oblivion.
The book revealed, among other things, George W. Bush’s 1972 cocaine arrest and conviction that Bush Senior would get expunged from the record in return for community service from Junior. Fortunate Son’s author would later die allegedly by suicide, under suspicious circumstances shortly before 9/11. Was he silenced because he knew too much about the Bush Family’s connections to Osama bin Laden?
Sander’s first book dealing with 9/11 was in 2005 with publication of The Big Wedding. Since then he has written numerous articles for numerous publications such as Alternet, GNN, Long Island Press, New York Press, and Catholic Worker.
Perhaps his greatest contribution to the field of 9/11 research has been his relentless investigation and expose concerning the mysterious death of 9/11 witness, Dr. David Graham. Dr. Graham had met two of the 9/11 hijackers in Shreveport, Louisiana one year before the attacks of September 11th, 2001. Concerned with their suspicious behavior and fearing that they might be planning sabotage at nearby Barksdale Air Force base, a nuclear armed facility, he had reported his sighting to the FBI and Secret Service, only to be rebuffed by both agencies. Later, after 9/11, when he recognized the pictures of two of the hijackers he had met, he contacted the FBI, Justice Department and members of Congress and told them about what he had seen. Strangely, no one in authority seemed interested in what he had to say. The FBI agents with whom he spoke even intimated that if he persisted in publishing a book about what he had seen, it might be harmful to his health.
Before he got a chance, he was poisoned with ethylene glycol, a toxic ingredient in anti-freeze, while traveling through East Texas. As with J. H. Hatfield, the authorities ruled his death a suicide. Had he too paid the ultimate price for attempting to tell the truth?
Sander will be talking about these and other matters concerning peace, nonviolence, spiritualism, and the Occupy Movement and what we can do to reclaim our society. We hope you will join us. Attached is a flyer for the event.
For more information about Sander Hicks, visit his website: http://www.sanderhicks.com/
Bob Baldwin

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Elias Hicks School of Business

The Elias Hicks School of Business

A practical education in modern production

With a revolutionary political and spiritual foundation.

This is a draft of a business plan for what I am starting next.

Even though I am on a 90 day book tour, this is actually very much a part of the ideas and practices that are in my book and tour.

As background, you may want to start with the Occupy Business School video, which I produced, and had professionally edited. It's a short and sweet 10 minute intro to some of my ideas on the radical use of business-ventures. You also get to see me sing a little Simon and Garfunkl, too.


The current speaking tour has helped me to realize something simple, but wonderfully plain. I love to speak, to lead group discussions, to teach. It's something I am good at. My Aquarian nature makes me want to do many things, and sometimes it's a bit of a challenge to focus. Speaking in public is something that unites the diverse talents I have.

So, I have come to the point where I want to allow myself to enjoy public speaking, and take it to the next level. I liked speaking at Occupy Wall Street, and at the groups of 10-20 people on this tour. But it's time to make the message more universal, and the audience bigger. I once saw Tony Robbins (author of "Unlimited Power") speak and I took away some lessons from that experience. I mean, overall it was rather shallow, ego-individualist philosophy, and I walked out. But I did like the theatricality and the showmanship that he used. There was music used to fire up the crowd. It makes me think my friends in the NY theatre world and I could collaborate on making something wonderful out of the skills and presentation discussed in this proposal.

Instead of Tony Robbins' gospel, we need a new message: Enlightenment Economics. Entrepreneurial Empowerment. The Holistic Business School, a new kind of practical education with a revolutionary political and spiritual foundation. It's not just about "personal development" it's about doing that personal development while simultaneously working on social development. This mimics the future of capitalism: a social capitalism that can help to solve the problems of class exploitation, environmental ravagement, and justice.

Zen teaches us to collapse the duality. Even Jesus seems to mention this in the suppressed Gospel of Thomas. We break through to the other side when we collapse the duality between social solidarity and individual entrepreneurship. I have seen both sides: the righteous resistance to the evils of imperialist capitalism: the wars, violence and deception. But there's also something life-giving and innovative about the entrepreneurial energy that creates, raises money, and creates jobs.

You could go so far as to say we are working here in the realm of collapsing the duality between God and human, or at least crossing the line that is too often drawn, in our minds. Intense regular meditation on this tour has lead me (or I have been drawn to) a point where I find that communion with God (with Being, with Source) is still possible. In fact, it's the best place we can be. A higher communion with the truth is the goal, here, total self fulfillment comes in living the life you want, creating the job you want. I can teach this. God willing.

There are a set of assumptions that I will use:

 1. There is capital out there. "Knock and the door shall be opened." There is discretionary capital - money that can be invested - among everyone's social circles. You have to ask for it, though. We all know people with money. Money needs to be put to work. It needs to grow, spread out and risked in different ways.

2. Capital and credit also need to be radically transformed. It needs to be easier to get funding if you are a social entrepreneur. But #2 here is going to have to wait. The path of #1 is more immediately possible, and is immediately teachable. But for more on #2 see my ideas on Public Interest Venture Capital, in my book, or here on Alternet.

What Can I Offer:

  • I can offer classes in progressive, social entrepreneurship. Classes held via online video, live chat, phone, and in-person, to develop radical social ventures across the US and Canada.

  •  Personal Counseling: Part of the package I offer could be a personal phone call, once a week.

  • Online Classses: Once a week for three months, with a group.

  • Business Plan Models: you come out in three months with a business plan and a slide deck.

  • Legal Documents. I could work with a good attorney to help prepare the legal instruments you need to formally start a corporation, non-profit, or a co-operative.

  • Financing, Scholarships, and Potential Partnerships: We are building a network here, as much as a business. My own goal here should be clear to all at the outset. I am out to build a network, but not to perpetuate the same old cronyist capitalist nightmare. We need a Joseph Schumpeter-sized tsunami of creative destruction to sweep away the Goldman Sachs Halliburton Bush Obama superstructure. Instead of that which kills and lies, we need a Truth Party, and a Truth Party Business Network, and a Holistic Business School.

  • So for potential entrepreneurs who can't afford my class, we can offer scholarships, and financing, and even potential partnerships - the way that a venture capital firm will provide resources in exchange for a percentage of equity. We can use deal-making as an instrument of social revolution.

Potential Customers should know that

You Come Out in Three Months With:

1. Your business plan.
2. Your "slide deck" which is a graphic summary of the business plan.
3. Your corporation, created with sound legal documents.
4. A set of goals to define, start and grow your enterprise.
5. A set of living principles to define, and continue to practice, and refine your dedication to the project.
6. Momentum and confidence to raise money.
7. The choice to be in our growing network. As we grow, our funding options to entrepreneurs will also grow.
I have a list of things I need to research further at this point. But the most important for this typed version is that I need to research other new models: Mondragon, and Grameen Bank are two models that come to mind. I have read the book on Grameen, Price of a Dream. I have ideas about reaching out to sober people in AA, and use the social network of AA as a form of collateral. In a USA that has suffered four years of Great Recession, I realize that many of us have no collateral. But Grameen Bank shows how to lend to the poor without using collateral. Instead, they use community, regular meetings, and fellowship. Social bonds are an asset that are more powerful than assets and collateral.

 I also made this short list of some of the skills to be taught. It's also a few more notes on the topics and the philosophical underpinnings of this project:


Our market for this project is:

Young people in their 20's
People in their 30's
College students
Recent College grads
People disgusted with their first jobs
People looking to change careers
The unemployed
Skills to be Taught:

1. Fund-raising
2. Communication
3. Leadership
4. Crash Course: in the wisdom of the world's great religions. And why they are important to the future of your venture.
5. Crash Course: in politics and current events (the current crisis of capitalism) and why knowing this material is essential to the future of your venture, and your LIFE.