Saturday, November 12, 2016

Zen punk funeral/memorial for Leonard Cohen, today

Leonard Cohen passed away yesterday. His songs meant a lot to me. And to everyone I worked with; when we heard the news, we stopped what we were doing (building a loft bed,) and we went around the room and we each quoted to each other a favorite bit of one of his great songs.

I want to put together an informal Zen punk funeral/memorial for Leonard Cohen, today Saturday, at 2 PM  in Tompkins Square Park, NYC, in the center, where the stage goes. We are just gonna show up there with guitars & lyrics & iPhone and invite people to come and play and sing Leonard Cohen songs. Make a big sing-along. Want to join me?

We will sing all of your favorite Leonard Cohen works. If you can, please print and bring lyrics and chords. Please bring a candle, if you can. I will set up an altar. I will bring his picture. We will chant the Heart Sutra together, as a way to celebrate his life, his passage, our unity. 

My old friend Sam from The Mooney Suzuki is also interested in coming. Other indie music anti-stars and alternative Cohenite poets will also appear. Please come.