Thursday, September 29, 2016

10/14 - Next Meeting of TRUTH ACTION PROJECT, NYC

Hi Folks - We had a great meeting last Friday, to follow-up on the launch of the Truth Action Project here in NYC.

It seems to be that we now have three new "Action Teams" to get stuff done. 

We have an "Arts Action Team" to "create a new product that can raise money for the group, and also get the word out.....a film, book, etc."

We have a "Legal Action Team" researching the usability of an Extraordinary Grand Jury in NYC. Especially interesting is the possibility that a petition might be used to influence a DA to instigate the use of a Grand Jury like that.

We have a "Political Action Team" keenly interested in using the very public forum of campaigns and elections to further the message of 9/11 research, and justice. 

I will be getting in touch with you individually to help flesh out who is on what Action Team.

We will have our NEXT MEETING Oct. 14. I booked us the main room of the 6th Street Community Center.

Oct. 14, at 6th St Community Center - 638 E. 6th Street, Manhattan, 7-9 PM. (Please donate $5-10 to help cover rental.)


Please also enjoy a sneak peek at my article that summarizes the important testimony at Justice in Focus three weeks ago. This will be published soon on the TAP website.