Friday, January 5, 2018

RIP Judge Ferdinand Imposimato

A Voice of International Justice
RIP Judge Ferdinand Imposimato 
 9 April 1936 – 2 January 2018
By guest blogger Les Jamieson

When Judge Imposimato came to NYC for the 9/11 Justice In Focus Conference, I had the distinct honor of picking him up at the airport, spending personal time with him throughout that weekend, sharing meals and being his caretaker. He was a gentle, charming man with the spirit of a warrior. Although he had achieved great stature and recognition professionally, he was very warm and personable. In his pursuit of truth and justice, whether against the mafia or against the orchestrators of Operation Gladio, he showed total fearlessness in the face of incomprehensible forces and an unwavering commitment to accountability under the law. He paid a great personal price through the murder of his brother in a mafia hit job.

He did ground-breaking research which led him to understand the underlying agenda which caused so much political upheaval in his country which he termed "strategy of tension", another term for Operation Gladio. He wrote a book based on this research. In the study of CIA-based operations which undermined governments and even toppled democratically elected leaders, understanding Operation Gladio is required. This understanding is fundamental in expanding one's ability to understand the nearly unfathomable capability of the Deep State to carry out very complex operations. One way we can honor him is to draw more attention to the BBC documentary which does a fine job exposing the operation. (

The judge was very engaged in the pursuit of 9/11 justice and had applied his considerable investigative skills to the study of alternative research. He was well read on the work of Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth and scientists like Neils Herritt. He was thrilled to be part of our 15th anniversary event. His biological age which was over 80 at the time surely did not diminish his participation in any way. At the end of the conference he said that if a legal action were to be submitted to the International Criminal Court, it would require someone in his position to take the lead and that he could be counted on to be the one. 

Judge Imposimato was a giant among men. We can look to his life and derive great learning for our own pursuits of 9/11 justice and exposure of all Deep State crimes and agendas of domination. We can find inspiration in his courage to stand up to powerful political and military forces which have hijacked government, media, and major social institutions. We will surely need this level of courage and commitment to work towards creating a mass movement which demands that government protects its people against domination by Deep State agendas and a media which reports the truth. It will require such a mass movement to provide the societal foundation which is reflected in government policies and the actual prosecution of 9/11 cases in our courts of crimes which range from obstruction of justice all the way to treason. I remember asking Judge Imposimato if the Italian people were supportive of his efforts to expose and prosecute Operation Gladio, and he responded with a definitive yes. We have a lot of work to do to create the same social foundation within the U.S. May his memory serve us well.

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