Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The tour has taken a very spiritual turn over these past 10 weeks. I did zen on top of a mountain in Colorado. I came down and found my friend Dan threatened by a rattlesnake. Together we took him out.

Both the meditation and the snake were moments of sincere clarity. This snake's head kept moving, his jaw clenching, his eye silently cursing me, like a monster dying slowly.


  1. Sweet. Sander I'm from GNN -- I posted my http://nonduality.com/hempel.htm Actual Matrix Plan expose. I do permaculture now but I finished my masters degree after serious radical activism -- I finished it doing intensive qigong training with a Zen master trained at Shaolin.


    I went to your film on the Bush biography tragedy and then I read the Big Wedding and now I'm watching your recent Portland book talk.



    I can pass on this info about Chunyi Lin - so you have the real hardcore spiritual training now confirmed by hard science. http://www.springforestqigong.com/index.php/sfq-for-health-professionals/medical-studies

    Breath deep and slow -- a lot of info there! haha. drew hempel

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