Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New Poster for the 9/12 Symposium

Those "28 Pages" continue to be the issue that just might take the 9/11 truth movement mainstream. 

You see, there's a little piece of legislation floating in Congress, and it just might change everything. HR 14 would force the US Government to release the 28 pages, which hide who funded 9/11.

Bush did this, he hid them. That is a fact. And now HR 14 has 18 co-sponsors in Congress. It's a start.

I was inspired by this post just now today at 28Pages.org - 

As pointed out over at 28Pages.org, young Congressman Thomas Massie said, 

 “Trust me, it’s a dangerous thing to cosponsor this because they want to keep this under the rug.” Nonetheless, he said it’s important “to release those 28 pages in the 9/11 report that will once and for all show the American people what caused 9/11 and who funded it.”

I mean, even Obama promised to release them, but then chickened out. 


What is that powerful? Can we call is a Deep State? A Shadow Government? And will I be called a "conspiracy theorist" one year and "ahead of my time" some time in the near future? I sure hope so!

Well, anyway, I made a brand new poster, with Lizzy, my designer, for the 9/12 event:

this Saturday's
9/12 Declassify The Truth Symposium in NYC. 

This may be the biggest NYC 9/11 Anniversary event in a while.

We have a great schedule and some solid guest speakers. Best-selling author Jon Perkins and 9/11 survivors are joining us.

We have a 300 capacity hall booked in Manhattan, and we are looking to fill it. 

We just raised $700 to run an ad in a local paper, hoping to put the question in front of two million more people. And this new poster is pretty cool - it graphically makes the case, in an emotional, compelling way. We have the momentum! Are you coming? RSVP here on Facebook.

Check out the poster:

Official Event Page is here

See you THERE!


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