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Activism Plan for Victory on the 28 Pages Issue

Activism Around the 28 Pages: 
The Plan for Fall 2015

Concept: The Ultimate Vision – Accountability & Justice for 9/11

Although there have been many previous coups, 9/11 is the most recent and is the most consequential. Up until now, the issue of who funded the 9/11 attacks has been shrouded in secrecy. But the after-effects of 9/11 are all too apparent: reduced civil liberties, wars of invasion, torture. Astute analysts of deep state crime know that the perpetrators of 9/11 are still alive. Obtaining justice is still possible.

But how do we get justice? We need to define what is feasible, and what it will take, identify leaders with the skills and drive to make it happen, and provide the support they need.

Current Opportunity

There is legislation today in front of the US Congress and Senate that will release the censored 28 pages of Congress’s own investigation into 9/11.  This “28 Pages” issue has attracted positive mainstream news coverage, from the New York Times to FOX News. Millions of people are being informed that information on responsibility for 9/11 has been withheld for 14 years. It’s a cover-up. But this time, the exposure of this cover-up is being done by mainstream media and Members of Congress.

The official narrative on 9/11, and the global war on terror, is unraveling. The 28 Pages contain information needed for real national security.

With the upcoming presidential campaign, we have an opportunity to make “9/11 transparency” a presidential issue. Never before has the 9/11 Truth Community had an opportunity to create a bona-fide DC lobbying group to achieve political action on this issue. The 28 pages is the ideal opportunity for the activist community to become a bona fide movement. Our time is now.

Our Mandate

We must organize Congressional district by Congressional district in a process to become a real political constituency that can work towards political change.

This will entail combining several approaches such as grass roots organizing, coalition building, and social networking.

We must think bigger than ever before. We must build on 14 years of efforts by the alternative research community which has already informed millions of people on the reality of 9/11. We must devise methods to reach the huge reservoir that exists within the population to connect, inform, and mobilize. We know this reservoir is serious and sizable. Over 50 million people have viewed “Loose Change”. Millions more have seen 9/11 specials on C-SPAN, or other 9/11 videos on Youtube.

Methods to reach these millions will include social networking, Facebook and Twitter ads, print and radio, and cable access. Through this effort we can mirror other progressive movements that resulted in shifts in mass consciousness that led to institutional changes. (i.e., the recent victories of medical marijuana, or the recent NY ban on fracking.)

Establish the first-ever 9/11 Transparency Lobby-ing organization, with organizations in DC and NY.

Begin monthly nation-wide video conference calls via Skype or other online video-conferencing, to galvanize the national 9/11 Truth Movement.
Raise money through a crowd funding campaign. Our first goal will be $25,000. We will then assess costs for feasible projects over the next 6-12 months.

Initially, this money will go towards the following projects:

Make a short video appeal (work with people in our network) 

Hire publicist for this fund-raising campaign, assemble a team of publicity volunteers, too.

Create a good looking brochure, or printed material outlining the case, and the cause.

Update current website HR14.org with a slideshow and “In the News” section.

Hire interns.

Organize volunteer base. Find office space (or rent some cheap from Sander, or Sander can donate some at his offices/woodshop at 52-05 Flushing Ave, in Maspeth/Bushwick)

Contract with social networking guru as a consultant or head of a team

Create a few videos for cable access. (I've got one storyboard already)

Facebook, Twitter, and maybe even Google ads to attract people to site

Creating content for social Media: Use Youtube, FB, Twitter.

Web banners on well-traveled sites like Coast2Coast. Identify more sites.

Advertise on Google AdWords.

Reach out to sympathetic podcasts.

DC Presence: start to create a “grassroots” lobbying effort to get people to come to DC and visit their Congress 
Member. List all the members of Congress, and try to figure out exactly how many we would need to support us to get to get HR 14 to pass.

Look up the Members of Congress who supported Curt Weldon's effort to get public hearings on Able Danger. 

Go to DC and visit with the staff from the offices of Jones, Lynch, Massie, and Rand Paul to learn about their experiences so far. Then we could meet with the local DC activists to help plan a lobbying effort.

Contract with web pro for HR14.org. Create slideshows for the site.

Print ads in local papers attracting people to web site.

Create nationwide webcasts.

Core Philosophy

We aim to create a dream team of skilled, talented, visionary activists who work together in unity and harmony with the goal of lifting 9/11 activism to the political level. We will establish ourselves as a bona fide movement with the most comprehensive and powerful grasp on the underlying reality of political power structures, and how the masses can become the new super-power.

Professional Roles

Just as organizations like as Greenpeace, MoveOn.org, and many others, have funding for professional management and staff, it’s time that the 9/11 activist community does the same.

This will begin with leadership from Les Jamieson and Sander Hicks.

Brief Job Descriptions:

Les Jamieson: central management and oversight for strategy, grass roots and legislative organizing, communications, creative graphics, video production
Initial salary: TBD

Sander Hicks: Marketing, raising money, recruiting talent, building teams, envisioning strategy, implementation, procedures and protocols, and execution.
Initial salary: TBD

Your comments and suggestions are welcome below. We will be launching our crowd-funding program soon, and want you to stay in touch with us. We are on the path of victory, justice and a rare breakthrough in US government accountability.

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  1. Sen. Gillibrand of NY is on this also. http://www.gillibrand.senate.gov/newsroom/press/release/senator-gillibrand-announces-bipartisan-transparency-for-families-of-9/11-victims-and-survivors-act
    It's too bad so many eyewitnesses have died. declassifying this 28 pages would help the millions of us understand our world a little better. Just the facts. We've been spun.