Monday, September 14, 2015

Lambert and Anthrax: A review of recent media

I learned a lot at the 9/11 Symposium this weekend. Barbara Honegger's analysis of the recent revelations about the US Government's anthrax story were especially poignant.

The biggest breaking news is that former FBI Director of the Amerithrax Investigation has now gone whistle-blower. I hadn't heard that at all - but as of April he is suing the FBI for wrecking his life, and ruining his career, since he was critical of the way the FBI sat on his investigation of Anthrax.

Of course, we in the truth movement always said that Bruce Ivins couldn't have done it. It looks like Ivins was the patsy, and when he took his tylenol over-dose, the FBI was next door, and they did nothing about it. Or maybe the late Mr. Ivins didn't actually "take" his over-dose, willingly....

Don't believe Scott Shane at the NY Times - he takes the US Government's side, blatantly, and every single time.  Look at how much ink he wastes repeating the official story.

Even Lambert himself on Fox News is not as good as the analysis over at Washington's Blog>>>

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