Saturday, May 26, 2012

Reflections on Detroit, before I leave. This City is mythical - and it fulfills my expectations. It's one of the most wrecked, addicted, ravaged places on earth. Friday night everyone on the street seemed high on heroin, yet among Occupy circles people were soberly expressing gratitude around a campfire behind a squat. The neighborhood was spacious with big yards, like West Hollywood, LA, but here one in five houses is abandoned.

The Occupy movement has somehow gotten a huge activist space to work with at 5900 Michigan Ave in downtown, and the adjoining block long field of grass is being converted into a patch for strawberries and lettuce and flowers. Local organizers like Jessica work with the local kids and teach them where strawberries come from. They are turning the wastelands into a farm.

I am grateful for the fellow activists I meet - they are so full of light. I sometimes worry about the holes in the schedule for this tour, and yet I always seem to meet the people I need to meet, and they seem to be THE people I was meant to meet. People who ask to see my book, and ask to buy it before I have to do the hustle, or the song and dance. The songs came naturally yesterday in a golden sunset in the garden off Michigan Ave. Despite the junkies and the recent robberies, the kids frolicked and doused each other with a garden hose, drenching each other, while I sang "The Diggers Song." Perfect for the moment: "We work the wasteland in common / and make the wasteland grow / this Earth divided, we will make whole...."  Music has become more and more central to this tour. It elevates the vibration I am sharing.

Here are some gaps in the tour schedule. If you can help out, that would be great.


JUNE    11    Monday    Columbia, SC or environs?

JUNE    12    Tuesday    OPEN DAY

JUNE    27    Wednesday    Roswell, NM                           
JUNE    28    Thursday    Albuquerque, NM                           
JUNE    29    Friday    Sante Fe, NM                           
JUNE    30    Saturday    Taos, NM                           
JULY    1-Jul    Sunday    Flagstaff, AZ                           
JULY    2    Monday    Sedona, AZ                           
JULY    3    Tuesday    OPEN DAY

JULY    14    Saturday    Eugene, OR    contact Tsunami Books?                       
JULY    15    Sunday    Portland, OR                           
JULY    16    Monday    Seattle, WA                           

JULY    19    Thursday    Salt Lake City, UT                           
JULY    20    Friday    Jackson Hole, WY?                                           

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