Thursday, May 24, 2012

I did three hours on Coast to Coast AM with John Wells this week. Two million people heard it and each one of them is getting in touch with me. I thought thus letter was especially warm- so I asked the Sister's permission to publish it, here. Hi Sander, Just heard you on Coast to Coast (I'm not a very regular listener, but felt very strongly I needed to search for it, and your interview appeared- there are no coincidences).  You are doing fantastic work and seem like a very genuine and thoughtful person.  I'm very interested in your books and am ordering asap. I "work" as a medium and intuitive, and everything you say about certain events and current situations feels completely accurate to me, and I've felt/seen/known this for awhile. It is very difficult to translate or explain an intuitive feeling however, so it is wonderful you have done all of the work so that others who are not so convinced can reference something more concrete than an intuitive knowing. I'll be referring people to your books. It is truly a wondrous time to be alive, spiritually, and whatever happens know that your works do matter in the greater scheme of humanity. Every light shining brightly brings illumination even to the very depths of darkness. Blessings to you in the highest degree, and may you always feel the presence of Grace in your life. Best Regards, Melinda

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