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Next Meeting of NYC Truth Action Project - 7 PM - 11/11/16 at 6th Street Community Center

We had a great meeting of the NYC Truth Action Project, last week. Below are the minutes.

Some inspirational quotes from us here.

Please come to our next meeting: 11/11/16, 7-9 PM, at 6th Street Community Center.

 Minutes of the Monthly Meeting of Truth Action Project, NYC Area Meeting

Coordinated by Sander Hicks

Present: 21 Activists - a  24% Growth in Attendance from Last Meeting.


We had a very positive meeting. We have officially formed four separate Action Teams, to do focused work, that is results oriented. I am so grateful to everyone who came to this meeting. Many other activists are on the email list, and were not able to come, but will try to make the next meeting, (Nov. 11, Friday, Location probably the same, to be announced.)

We started and finished the meeting with a brief meditation, in the name of peace and light.

Notes from Round Robin Shares:

“Inverted Totalitarianism” by Sheldon Wolin was a book and concept mentioned by Joel Simpson. This is what we are dealing with.  Read up on it:

“We scare because we care” was the Disney movie slogan for Monsters, Inc. Came out right after 9/11. Fern noted this.

Sander suggested everyone watch the YouTube that Richard Squires made - “Kangaroo Court.”

Tony Esper is an IT consultant - wants to give our website some love.

Ross Muir: Suggested “Strap-hangers for 9/11 Truth” doing outreach (and maybe fund-raising) on the subways. (My contribution to this idea is to suggest a printed brochure - small, hand-held. My company just printed 25,000 units of a full color, 10 page, 4x6”, accordion fold-out, for less than $1,300. Once we have some money together, we could print something like this, and have something to give to people, to explain “We Why Care” and invite people to join, and contribute….)

Ground Zero Outreach: Charlie and Scott are doing outreach at Ground Zero, from 3-5 PM down near the Port Authority Station. John M. visited them. We should continue to support them, and invite them to come to our next meeting. John, do you have their contact info?

Formation of Arts Action Team:

Arts Action Team:

Tony Esper
Richard Squires
Ross Muir
John Migletti
Joel Simpson
Sander Hicks

Who else wants to join? I will create a separate Google Group for this Action Team….

Legal Work Action Team

The legal team reported they are still assembling a “packet of evidence.” We brainstormed about how to best contribute to the creation of a formal fund-raising mechanism for Truth Action Project. Jerry mentioned the $50K raised by the professional fund-raiser for Gloria Mattera’s old political campaign, for Brooklyn Borough President. Also JK mentioned the name “Ivana Edwards.”

In other states, a legal petition to the DA has to result in a Grand Jury, but not in NY.

Is the DA elected? Yes they are.

When is the term up? It coincides with the Mayor’s term in NYC.

More on Cyrus Vance, Jr, current DA:
My talking points are: he worked for Gary Hart, as a young person, and he’s opposed to the death penalty. RFK Jr. endorsed him.
I believe that Bill Jacoby told me that someone DID contact Cy Vance at one point, about WTC 7 is that right?

His next race for re-election will culminate at the polls Nov. 7, 2017.

A primary challenge would be a great way to get this issue into the public sphere. We need an attorney to be a candidate.


Not sure who said this but I have in my notes “we need to build a coalition. How to do it? Make this an Action Item.”

David said: Clarify the legal limits of a 501 ©(3)’s political activism. What can we do and not do? “We need a new way of thinking.”

David talked about a “heaven on earth” quotation from Buckminster Fuller - I couldn’t find those, but I did find these two:



Tony suggested we treat TAP as a start-up. What is our mission statement? Objectives? Strategic Plan? (Bill J. later said TAP has one but it needs to be shared.)

How will this non-profit be run? Who is in charge of branding and identity? Logo?
Create sub-groups and define goals for each of them (this is great and each Action Team should do this.) Use a white board  - FOCUS on structure. Who is our target audience to reach with our message?

Rebecca S. said that we have a “culture in denial” - this is acceptable.

Mitchell Cohen - “why not use the U.N.?” there are seats there for NGOs (non governmental organizations) - let’s form a new Action Team on this (done, see below)- Mitchell suggested we use the projector that Occupy used. Put out a “why we care” brochure.

Eric Rassi - “Each action team can be autonomous” - no one needs to agree with every single other thing the other action teams are doing….(i.e. Not everyone one has to believe in the electoral politics stuff).  We must go after what is “most feared” by the upper class - “losing control of their political monopoly.” We need to strategize. Electoral politics and entering campaigns would be a “educational bonanza.”

Lucy: at the UN there are “Special Rapoteurs” - maybe we could get one for 9/11.

Special Rapporteurs often conduct fact-finding missions to countries to investigate allegations of human rights violations. They can only visit countries that have agreed to invite them.
Aside from fact-finding missions, Rapporteurs regularly assess and verify complaints from alleged victims of human rights violations. Once a complaint is verified as legitimate, an urgent letter or appeal is sent to the government that has allegedly committed the violation. If no complaint has been made, Rapporteurs may intervene on behalf of individuals and groups of people of their own accord.

Bill Jacoby: “let’s go from 20 to 200” people

Sati: what about The Hague?

Henry: Let’s do a literature table at the Left Forum, and on campuses

Ross - get a psychologist to join the group

Carl Person
Eric Rassi
(Matt Mills?)



Action Team Groups should meet in a week or two, and create their own goals and actions. Report back to the main group at next meeting.

Sander will help create Google Group email lists for each action team, coming later tonight.

Next Meeting: 11/11/16

7-9 PM at 6th Street Community Center

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