Sunday, October 25, 2015

Trumping Bush: Why The Donald is Right to Attack the 9/11 Myths

By Sander Hicks

Donald Trump made headlines for sticking a finger into the most protected, tender scar on the U.S. body politic: Bush’s 9/11 Official Story. 9/11 is a taboo topic of heavily guarded myths defended with a zealot-like religiosity by the government and corporate media.

But the truth about 9/11 is a can of worms, there’s a lot more Trump could bother the Bushes about. It’s high time for someone to bring this up. For the Bush Family, the entire 9/11 subject, like Trump himself, is a political minefield.

Trump has no fear. He’s instinctual and speaks from the gut without a script. He’s terrible on immigration, of course, but it’s interesting that he senses a serious weakness here in Jeb Bush. Perhaps Bush’s severe slide in the polls is due to his stubborn refusal to question anything his brother did.

At the recent GOP debate, when Trump pointed out that 9/11 happened on Bush’s watch, Jeb resorted to a defensive sound-bite , claiming that since the 9/11 attacks, “My brother kept us safe.”

Jeb, the facts prove you wrong.
The Anthrax attacks began five days after 9/11, sending the U.S. public into two months of frenzied seizures of duct-tape buying, in our anxiety about biochemical attacks. Five U.S. citizens died, on U.S. soil. They never stood a chance. The anthrax unleashed on us in 2001 was an advanced, micro-fine, silicon-coated variety. Scientists have concluded it came from one of two quasi-government U.S. military/contractor institutions: Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, or Ohio’s Battelle Memorial Institute.

Nevertheless, under the cloud of color-coded terror-alerts, in Fall 2001, the Bush White House pressured the FBI to falsely blame “Al-Qaeda” for the anthrax attacks. Is that called “keeping us safe?”

Today, we know that the Bush White House and their FBI deliberately bungled their anthrax investigation. In what may be one of the most under-reported stories of the decade, Richard Lambert, the FBI’s own director of the “Amerithrax” investigation, is now suing the FBI. Lambert sacrificed his own career and suffered harsh reprisals for going whistle-blower.  But his lawsuit makes the case: FBI top brass put young, fresh-out-of-the-academy agents on the Anthrax investigation and hobbled their work. After a seven-year fiasco, the investigation needed to blame someone, before Bush left office.  Lambert claims that its likely that Bruce Ivins was falsely accused, when he was blamed for masterminding the attacks. Ivins did not have the capacity to manufacture micro-fine, silicon-coated anthrax. On the verge of arrest, Ivins committed “suicide” from an overdose of Tylenol, despite being under heavy FBI surveillance in his Maryland home .

From the conservative pulpit of the pages of the National Review, Jeb claimed, “[Trump] has blamed my brother for the 9/11 terrorist attacks on our nation….That Trump echoes the attacks of Michael Moore and the fringe left against my brother is yet another example of his dangerous views on national-security issues.”

Dangerous? To whom? Certainly not  the American people. We sent our sons and daughters off to die in two quagmires in the Middle East in the name of 9/11 revenge and Bush’s lies about weapons of mass destruction. We further sacrificed constitutional freedoms at home, such as the NSA wiretapping of all our phone calls and emails.

After 9/11, George Bush demanded that 28 pages be blacked out from the Congressional “Joint Inquiry” into 9/11. The redacted 28 pages are widely understood to contain details about the funding of the 9/11 terrorists by Saudi Arabia and malfeasance by certain US agencies. It’s no surprise that George Jr. would risk his own political integrity for the Saudis.  After all, he and his father had worked closely with them in two infamous scandals from the past:  Iran/Contra and BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce International).

Remember, President Bush resisted the formation of an 9/11 official investigation.  When the 9/11 Commission finally came into being, Bush refused to publicly testify, demanding a closed-door hearing in the company of Dick Cheney, with no recordings allowed. 

Thus, the doubts have grown.  They have become mainstream. They are not fringe left-leaning elements as Jeb Bush desperately wishes. 9/11 skepticism is huge now, it’s part of a critical mass, a tsunami-like demand for a different breed of candidate, someone independent, like Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders. We need someone sufficiently pumped up to demand a new level of truth and justice for the American people.

In a Q&A last August in New Hampshire, Jeb Bush was asked about the 28 pages. He claimed not to know what the 28 pages were. If that were true, it would show an alarming level of ignorance about 9/11: what actually was inside, and the many more things left out, of two faulty 9/11 investigation reports.

The Bush lack of transparency about 9/11 has opened many people to question the surveillance-loving, truth-adverse, war-making, tax-levying, law-breaking character of today’s U.S. Federal Government. This helps explain Trump’s passionate popularity. With 9/11, Trump has the opportunity to tap into something powerful in the American psyche. Trump himself was warning of a major attack and mentioned the Twin Towers in his 2000 book, The America We Deserve .

The degree Trump pushes Bush on the 9/11 issue is dependent on how much we as citizens push for its discussion, in forums like social media or face-to-face meetings with candidates on the campaign trail. If you support Trump, take a moment now and write his campaign. Encourage Trump to push farther on 9/11. Urge him to support HR 14, a bipartisan bill in Congress, that will release the 28 Pages.  Someday soon, America will thank you for helping to usher in a new era of government transparency.

9/11 is a big scar, surrounded by strong emotions, and a huge fear that something is not quite right. As a country, we have been in denial. Some of us wrap ourselves in shrouds of defensiveness and anger when vocal independent minds prod us to ask the basic questions. But the good thing about Trump, and the many others like him, is that today we have a new fearlessness, a new openness about 9/11. This will lead to a time of greater honesty and clarity for America.

Sander Hicks is author of Slingshot to the Juggernaut: Total Resistance to the Death Machine Means Complete Love of the Truth.


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