Wednesday, November 13, 2013

THE MATRIX: the newspaper of truth

Recruiting for The Matrix:

New Newspaper about Peace and Truth 

We are starting a full color, high impact, socially empowering, spiritually curious, aggressively wonderful newspaper, social network, and website. We are about peace, truth, non-violence, social transformation, and personal improvement. We  break down barriers between ideologies. We free minds. It’s time to create a whole new reality.

We are looking for writers, artists, people to help out, people to sell ads, people with a deep commitment to social change. We are pro-freedom and pro-truth. We are pro-entrepreneurship, without being in favor of corporate capitalism, imperialism, and war. We are against domestic surveillance. We lean towards a new politics: committed to democracy, and deep freedom. We are skeptical of power, influenced by anarchism, civil libertarianism, but also interested in class consciousness. We are seeking to build a coalition of independent third parties. We aim to unite people around the simple ideals- peace, truth, freedom- these ideals forge the future.  Some of us were involved Occupy Wall Street, and want to take that urge to a whole new level of breakthrough. Occupy showed us that the masses are on our side. The new Bitcoin currency shows that free market mechanisms can support something disruptive that bypasses the economic status quo. It’s time for our society to experience some empowering, non-dogmatic, universal spiritual and economic development. It's time for the brilliance of fiery heroes.

Here's an excerpt from our upcoming story on Bitcoin:
Roger Ver, a charismatic Bitcoin investor known informally as “Bitcoin Jesus”  recently told the LeWeb 2013 conference, “One of the things governments around the world do currently is they finance their wars and the things that they do through inflation. The just print money for whatever it is that they want to spend it on. If the world were using Bitcoin that would no longer be a possibility. If you’re opposed to governments inflating money to pay for wars around the world, Bitcoin should be something you’re interested in.”

We plan to use a cooperative model. Once this project gets going, it will walk its talk: We will share the profits of each issue among the writers, artists, editors, designers, and ad sales people who help build the momentum. We will use worker democracy and consensus, as much as possible. We will also give due respect to the intense energy of individual artistic vision. We will be pragmatic and seek to get out one paper a month, for the first year, and grow it from there. As the newspaper grows in value, contributors will have a share in its profits, and ownership, through shares.

Peoples’ talents are the true assets. We are looking for people who want to get to know us, and then make a commitment to the project.

Our Philosophy of Small Business Advertising:

I’m Sander Hicks, an activist small business owner, independent publisher and licensed NYC contractor.

I know that advertising can help your small business. To get new customers, you need a chance to contact 50,000 people at once. We are here to help.

I used to run the Vox Pop Café in Brooklyn. I worked with my own local newspaper, New York Megaphone, and put a lot of little ads, in each issue of the paper. We offered coupons and discounts. We did it in every issue, and the Megaphone printed a ton of papers. It worked. Our revenue went up 45% in a year.

At The Matrix, we will work with our readers, our social networks, our email lists, our communities. We will do live events and have our advertisers meet our readers. We want long-term relationships with people, our coworkers, and our advertisers.

As Publisher of The Matrix, I will do everything I can to help your business. You support our paper, and we will use everything we can to help you win new customers.  We have 3,000 friends on facebook. We are a social network.

This is a great opportunity for those who embrace what we stand for, and share our vision. 

Let’s build this.


Sander Hicks


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  2. Hey man, my name is Byron Richter and I am very interested in meeting you and maybe providing you with some art for your magazine. Check my blogs out. &

  3. Good luck! I wanted to share an idea with you how to promote new ideas-we are doing it in Toronto, Canada. I set up Free bread buskets all over Toronto and put thought-provoking information into it.It's described here in detail.
    I get free two day bread from the bakeries(but it is still good, though not VIRGIN fresh), and that's the "catch"-people LOVE getting free bread and they willingly take printed matter which comes with it.Maybe you could try it.I'd love to meet you guys, but now I am in Canada, Toronto.

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