Friday, May 3, 2013

Capital Cooperative Corporation Participant Questionnaire

This is the  
Participant Questionnaire we are using on the Truth Party 2013 Tour....

The Truth Party
Capital Cooperative Corporation
Thanks for coming to The Truth Party Tour, 2013. We’d like to hear more from you, especially those of you who connected to some of the things Sander said about economics, activism, and spirituality.
Please fill in a few answers to these questions, so that we can keep in touch with you.

Are you a social entrepreneur?
If so, what is your current project?
Is it already launched, or is it in the planning stages?
What does it do?
What is the social impact?
Do you need help raising money?
Do you need advice, or mentoring?

Please give us a way to contact you. Information will be held confidential, and your privacy respected.
NAME:                                     _____________________________________________
EMAIL: (please print carefully)            _____________________________________________
PHONE (optional)                    _____________________________________________

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