Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Truth Party financial project : meeting 2/9/13 at 10 AM, Toby's Estate, BK, NY

This meeting has been post-poned - please contact me directly for updates.

The Truth Party financial project : meeting 2/9/13 at 10 AM, Toby's Estate, BK, NY

We have all heard the accurate critiques of capitalism. But no one is offering to make capitalism FUN, to make it more innovative and disruptive, to make it more inclusive.

I would like to call for a meeting with like-minded souls, on the 9th of February, in a delightful café I have picked out in Brooklyn. This is the new project. This is big.

It’s about creating an online social network around world-changing entrepreneurship. We mix the power of commercial finance, with the powers of popular creativity, spiritual consciousness, and political dissent.

What if there was an app, or a tool, or a site that helps you flesh out a business model idea you have, by helping you network with your already existing social network?

This site (or app or program) could have the user fill out a set of questions based on what they need, and, based on what we define as a successful business model, the app uses people's social networks (fB, LinkedIn etc.) to flesh out the team they need for their business model. What I have found is that just by fleshing out the business model, you see a wealth of untapped potential. (I'm really into a new book called Business Model Generation. There are some images from it in this presentation on all this I gave at the Free University. And I am using these modeling tools in my current business venture, Zen Carpentry.)

This app helps to put a team together, or to suggest team members. It helps the user contact potential team members.....and gets other members of the social network aware of the project.
Users can participate as entrepreneurs, as members of an entrepreneur’s network. But more often times, users can subscribe for a small fee, and that fee makes all users shareholders in the community.

Yes, shareholders. Investors in the various ventures being formed on the network. I may need to speak to an attorney about public offering law. Or bypass the normal channels.

It has to be well designed, and fun.

I can see us building this together, cheaply, from the ground up.


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