Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sander at Free University!

This Weekend! Sander Hicks teaches a class at the Free University of New York: "Occupy Business School: The Art of Social Enterprise Creation." Madison Square Park, (Exact Location in the Park: "Location S" which is the West side, near Dog Run, see map.)

Three sessions, starting TODAY Thursday, September 20, from 5-7 PM, same time Friday, 5-7 PM, and then on Saturday, from 10 AM - 12 noon. Free.

Course Description:

Running a social enterprise (AKA a progressive business) gives you an opportunity to make revolutionary, ethical, creative, productive activity a daily practice. You can liberate yourself from working a job you hate.
If you really want to zap the murky and mysterious problem of how financial power controls political power in this country, then study how money and the economy works, and learn to run your own enterprise, either a non-profit or community business. 

We can replace the old financial institutions in this country with ones that work, are empowering, and life-giving. In a practical, democratic seminar-style class, we will cover Enterprise Models, business plan writing, and the philosophy of money, as influenced by various radical strains such as zen, radical Christianity, anarchism and the ongoing struggle for democracy in America.

My name is Sander. I am a writer and a speaker. I have been a guest lecturer at some of the USA’s top universities. But what I’m best known for is starting two cool companies, Soft Skull Press and Vox Pop Inc. 

More Info: 
Earlier Blog Post, developing this idea this Summer:

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