Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Book, Tour, & Casting the New Play!

I have been working hard on efforts to get the Slingshot to the Juggernaut book release party and tour up off the ground today. If I haven't already emailed and facebooked you about this, please do check out the first Book Event - April 21, in Brooklyn. I will be speaking about "Zen, Discovery, and Revolution" in regard to the journeys and investigations done in the book.

Or, if you are out of NYC, I will come to you. I am doing an 80 city tour, in 90 days. More info on that here.

What I have not yet announced is that I am also producing my play, "White Horse/Bronze Star" based on the life and death of heroic whistle-blower, Dr. David M. Graham. The back story on Graham is that he met two of the 9/11 "terrorists" ten months before 9/11, he warned his local FBI in multiple meetings, and then was shocked to see familiar faces blamed for 9/11. He went to the 9/11 Commission, and the Joint Inquiry, but couldn't seem to ever get the time of day. What's worse the FBI threatened him, a couple times, and really went apeshit when Graham decided to write a book. Graham even secrety video-taped a conversation he had with the terrorist handler MJ Khan.

This David Graham was a real David, like in the Bible, he took on a huge Goliath of a CIA/US Military cover-up. He kept on asking the hard questions and wouldn't give up. He was poisoned mysteriously in 2006, and he died in 2007. I went to Shreveport, LA, in 2008 and started getting this story. I have been working on the play for the past couple years. With director Yana Lawndowne, we are going to produce the first staging May 7-11 at the Old St. Marks Lutheran Church, in Bushwick, Brooklyn. It's a huge space, a former church being converted to an arts space.

Graham won the Bronze Star when he volunteered to go to Vietnam. His alertness saved lives when he foiled an attack on a local US airbase. I finished this play on Easter, and the experience has once again resurrected his life into mine. The power of love is stronger than death. When you love the truth, you turn on the God part of your self.

Here's where YOU come in.

My director Yana Lawndowne and I are casting the play right now. If you would like to audition, send your info. A link to a video of you would be great. Headshots are nice. The script and the list of "dramatis personae" required is here.  my email is sealove [AT] sanderhicks.com

 Above, that's Graham wearing his Bronze Star. Below, a picture I should have put in my book, but overlooked it. It's a relevant picture, me standing outside the apartment where the same "terrorists" Graham met lived with an FBI informant, in San Diego, one month before they came to Louisiana, and upturned Graham's life.

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  1. Hi Sander,
    Hope U are having a good springtime. Congrats on finishing your new play. I'd like to have auditioned in NYC, after enjoying the reading so much, but I am in New Orleans now. If by chance rehearsals don't start till mid to late May (when I plan to visit NYC), and this is going up in the summertime or late spring, then I could do it. Perhaps you all could grant me an online, webcam audition?
    Please hit me up on facebook or at RobertFordeBrennan@gmail.com, or call 718-840-9679 anytime, if you like.
    All da best,