Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sacred Economics and the Spirit of the Wilderness

Just got an email from Gregg Hill. He's got a new short film on YouTube, called "Sacred Economics."  I already knew that Gregg was into this new thinker Charles Eisenstein, from Gregg's recent posting on SoundCloud. Eisenstein is an interesting guy, combining Buddhist spirituality and a critique of capitalism.

I met Gregg Hill at "random" in the Adirondack wilderness, but I don't really think it was random. I was tripping out on the bliss of being in wilderness, I was even forgetting who I was, I was high on life, and fasting, and calling myself "the Spirit of the Wilderness." I was half joking, and sort of not. I ran into Gregg and his son on the trails. And then I kept on running into them at random, around Mount Marcy, NY State's highest peak. It was quite a day.

Since then, I have made sense of the feeling of that time- what I was trying to do was get away from my "identity" as a separate person, and connect to a higher self that is more enmeshed with the fabric of all beings. People joke about the cliche of "becoming one with the world" without really understanding that what is being referred to is combating the programming of your identity as a separate competitor in a hostile, capitalistic world. The world's reality it turns out is not written by a capitalistic God creator. The world is created by a divine energy of compassion that is within us all. We are a part of the whole. When we do honesty, we are doing God. God is a process.

I will be discussing spirituality, revolutionary consciousness, and the Spirit, at the group discussion/talk I will be facilitating at Left Forum 2012, this Sunday.  Please come. 

Revolutionary Recovery
at Left Forum 2012

Session 7
Room W521

Sunday March 18
3:00 pm - 4:40 pm

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