Thursday, February 22, 2018

An open letter to the Truth Movement and to Christopher Bollyn

An Open Letter to the Truth Movement and to Christopher Bollyn

After 16 years in the 9/11 truth movement, with all the resistance we’ve all faced, it’s evident anyone who makes a commitment to figure out the truth and bring the perpetrators to justice deserves respect for that stand.Those of us who have committed our lives to this movement, have committed our lives as an act of service to humanity. The truth is….it's for everyone on Earth.This commitment to dig deep takes passion, and passion can burn bridges.It's time tonight to me to clean something up. I've had something of a feud with the writer Christopher Bollyn. I used to think he was fundamentally an Anti-Semite. But I don’t think so anymore. So if I have damaged his public reputation, I want to extend an olive branch now, and help to unite the global 9/11 Truth Movement, in perhaps some small way.

A couple years back, in New York City, I confronted Christopher about a passage that was in a early edition of his book, Solving 9/11, I thought the passage with anti-Semitic because he made a rough generalization about Jews, the media, and porn. That passage has since been removed from future editions.No one of us individually, in spite of the virtues of impeccable research, historical perspective, and clear thinking, has perfect knowledge on this truth. In my own travels to the Middle East and in my own research, I've come to realize that Israel did play a major role in the 9/11 attacks. As a US Congressional candidate, inside the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, it sickens me to see pro-war, pro-Zionist propaganda masquerading as democratic policies. The people of Palestine deserve full human rights, a state, and a huge apology from the world. The War on Terror was really the War on Arabs close to Israel.Bollyn's work has been attacked and his events are often times shut down. The accusations of anti-Semitism are so loud that no one has been able to hear his evidence for Israeli intelligence involvement into 9/11. I always have urged people to listen to what he says on the radio show Guns and Butter, as per their archives for that show.

It's time for all people who care about the USA, left and right, to investigate Israel, Saudi, and US deep state connections to the 911 operation. This conspiracy ushered in a Neocon wet dream of perpetual war, and the destruction of sovereign Islamic and Arab governments, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, and in Libya, etc.My quest for truth is underpinned by a mission for peace, for safety, for a greater and richer US diplomacy, based on truth. That means an end to rule by secrecy. And I can't expect the CIA to apologize for its 1953 coup against the democracy in Iran, if I'm not willing to admit my own shortcomings as a person.Being a peace seeker, growing into this role, I’ve had to learn that we live in a world where many of us only know how to solve a problem by identifying and attacking a perceived enemy. As we know, that is the surest way to see innocent people harmed, trust broken, and safety threatened.  On the road towards peace, there must always come a time when one chooses not to retaliate for their suffering.  So if I ever said anything in an email that seem overly heated or harsh, it was only because I was trying to separate critical anti-Zionism from anything that hinted of anti-Semitism. Christopher Bollyn's work exposing Israel is important, and is a part of the puzzle. And if I ever wasted your time Chris, with stress or distractions, I apologize. I just don’t want them to be able to dismiss you easily with one word, when you have written a book-length argument against a specific set of crimes, global corruption and lies.I look forward towards a time when citizens of the world the world can look back to the light our movement shines today. By diagnosing this 9/11 wound, by healing it, and remaining accountable, the world may emerge a better place. We’re all doing good work, and must strive that the good in ourselves continues to mature while we do it.


Sander Hicks

And the Hicks for Congress Campaign


Eugene, OR